I Wish You Love

Peabo Bryson

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I Wish You Love
Artist: Peabo Bryson



For those of us, who would be alone tonight
I hope you find love
And if you've got somebody in your life
Then be glad you got love
Dont let the games that people play
Destroy the dream your dreaming of
You've got to keep your faith
Gotta find the thing your searching for yeah!
I really hope and pray someone will be there
You should know, what i want most of all
I wish you love, love really wish you love
Theres an evil wind, blowing all around us
Close to bitter love, yeah
The generations coming after us, I know they'll find better love, yeah

Dont let the m... they got, destroy the dream your dreaming of
We've only just begun, oh
To find the things we are searching for
I pray the day will come, they will fulfill all wounded hearts
Lord I hope and pray, and though we are worlds apart
I wish you love, really do, I really wish you love

Rejoice in love every morning, (before you rise)
If the sun refuse to shine, keep in his word and heed his warning (He's on your side)
He's on your side, if its day or night
Even if the ...
I'll reach out a helping hand, something to cling to
If you should fall, well I've been through it all
I wish you love, I really do, I really wish you love, Oh noo

There's an angel, watching over us, he died because of love
Yeah, you believe in his word and learn to trust
I know you'll find the greatest love (greatest love)
Then you will understand, that its not the dream your dreaming of
This is the hope for men, thinking we' ve been searching for
Love heal the best you can, he'll always be there
You should know, (he'll be there)
Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall
I wish you love, I really do, I really wish you love
Ooh, noo, Oh my sister, my brother.
I really wish you, love, love
I wish for you baby
I'm wishing you love
My sister, my brother.

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