Last Night (Original Version)

Chris Anderson Feat. DJ Robbie

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Last Night (Original Version)



Babahoo, babahoo
Hey hey, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?
I feel good
Oh yes

Oh, my love, I wanna make you move
Hey, hey
Baby, all night long
My song is made for you baby
And everybody sing with me
I gotta be the good baby, ha, ha

Hey, hey, (hey-hey), hey
(Hey) hey, baby
Oh yes

Come into my life lovely my darling, and everybody sing with me
I got her feeling good
Let's go music
Here we go

Hey, hey, ladies and gentlemen
Mister Robbie, here we go

Say hubaloo, so changalangaloo
Dance, dance, got a fat for you
Said a whole lot of django, papa, papa django
Ha, ha, ha, whole papa, where he go
It's all about my money, got this babahoo, babahoo
Talking about my money 'cause I said I get bam
When we get home I make a bum-bum, yea, yea
Listen now without just a little
But if loving them, man what a kid
Babahoo, babahoo, babahoo
Pom, pom

Oh, hey
Give it to me baby
I need you hon-honey
You cannot do me now
Don't go to kiss me now
All my life, life, life, life
I'm feeling good things about you, hey
Everybody-body, say it with me, yeah

Oh-ho, baby, baby
Hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
(Hey-hey) hey, baby
Show me the way of love
I need you now honey
I'm crazing loving you
Oh baby
I cannot feel, feel, feel, feel, feel
When you take my heart
So get me dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta

Now got you girl
About some new war, before the other life
'Cause you set sail whole of 33
Like a lonely man, feel like New Orleans
Now, I'm a diamond
Fix my sound, said I'll change mine now
Oh yes, I borrow the sound
They way the round
Gonna shake, gonna make you, gonna make you go
'Cause the rock shop is the neighborhood
Babahoo, babahoo, babahoo, babahoo
Diggy, diggy, diggy, pom

Hey, hey
Yeah baby
Bee-bop, bee-bop
(Aa-ahu) Ah, yeah
The lights
Babahoo, babahoo
Pom, pom
Alright, alright, alright (Yes, hey girl)
It's party time

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